SINKOS Co.Ltd. was established in 2008 and originates from the created in 1992 BUD-REM s.j.Leon Dziurleja. The both companies act independently on the market since 2008.

SINKOS is specialized in manufacture and assembly of technological equipment made in stainless steel and in carbon steel, e.g. pressure and non-pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipelines, steel structures and industrial fittings. The structures produced by SINKOS are used mostly in water treatment industry (e.g. anaerobic water treatment plats, sludge dryers, sludge silos, water conditioning stations, Actifloc tanks), in oil- and fuel industry (e.g. large capacity storage tanks), in energy power industry (e.g. combustion gas dispersers), in food processing industry (e.g. processing water storage tank and pipelines), in chemical industry (e.g. pressure reactors, mixing-tanks, product storage tanks).

SINKOS employs high skilled and qualified workers. The welders posses appropriate certificates for welding acc. to method TIG and MIG.

SINKOS posses its own facilities which consist of production buildings, storage yards and office house on an allotment of total area 25.000 m2. Additionally, in 2008 SINKOS bought an area on Odra-river embankment in Police port, which enables easy dispatch of the manufactured structures by water. Technological equipment comprises e.g. plasma cutting machine, bending machine, rolling-machine, welding-automates, mobile-cranes capacity up to 80t.

The company has implemented an Integrated Management System compliant with PN-EN ISO9001, ISO3834 PN_EN, PN_EN1090 certified by UDT-CERT.