Trade Fairs in Switzerland 2013

The fairs took place: 23-06-2014 (Moutier)

In May 23-26 SINKOS participated in industrial Swiss T-Fairs in Moutier, Switzerland. The main theme of the fairs was automation in industry. SINKOS has presented industrial method of construction of storage steel tanks called “ribbon building”.

Trade Fairs in Norway 2013

The fairs took place 04-06-2013 (Oslo)

Between 04-07 June 2013 SINKOS hat pleasure to be one of hundreds exhibitors at NOR-SHIPING fairs in Lillestroem, Norway. Companies from all over the world showed their newest achievements in sea industrial branch. Sinkos has shown his capabilities in production of offshore steel structures as well as duplex-steel products.

Spotkania promocyjne w Norwegii 2013

The fairs took place 25-05-2014 (Stavanger)

In 25-28 of June 2013 SINKOS was invited for business mettings in Oslo and Stavanger, Norway.

The event was organized by Norwegian-Polish chamber of Industry and Trade. The partners from Norway have presented the legal and commercial rules of doing business in that country. It was additionaly a practical occasion to meet interesting companies from sea-industry sector during the Offshore Business Meeting Days in Stavanger.

Spotkania promocyjne w Szwajcarii 2013

The fairs took place 26-08-2013 (Zurych)

End of September 2013 the Marketing office of SINKOS has participated in number of business meetings with chosen companies and organisations in Swizterland. The meeting took place in Zurich, Aarau and Schaffhausen. The main theme was development of services in sector of metal and industrial steel structure, with special consideration of duplex steel.

Trade Firs in Basel, Switzerland 2012

The fairs took place 21-11-2012 (Bazylea)

In 21-24 November in Basel, Switzerland SINKOS as participated as exhibitor in Swisstech industrial fairs. The fairs have been dedicated to most modern and new technical solutions in industry. Companies from whole world showed their newly invented technological know-how and practical solutions. SINKOS introduced its “ribbon method” of industrial construction of stainless steel tanks, using advanced plasma-welding system.

Spotkania promocyjne w Norwegii 2012

The fairs took place 19-10-2012 (Stavanger)

Between 19-21 September 2012 management representatives of SINKOS participated in number of business meetings in Norway. The place of meetings was Stavanger and Bergen. The partners from Norway represented municipal units and business corporations interested in developing of economic relationships. In Bergen part of the program was visiting of Offshore Days Forum and fairs held in Exhibitor Hall.

Spotkania promocyjne w Szwajcarii 2012

The fairs took place 06-2012 (Zurych, Szwajcaria)

Trade Fairs in Norway 2011 PEA_MESSEN

The fairs took place 27-09-2011 (Lillestroem)

In September 27-29 2011 SINKOS has participated in industrial fairs in Norway. The subject of this event was industrial products in machining. SINKOS has presented his method of construction of steel industrial tanks of big capacities.