The very specialization of the company is manufacture of different technological and storage tanks in stainless steel as well as in carbon steel. The manufactured tanks feature the high quality and relatively short time of realization due to new and efficient methods of fabrication (e.g. rolling-method or ribbon-method).

SINKOS possesses a large experience in production of steel pressure-vessels, which demand a particulary high quality and tightness of welds.

The technological tanks can be also insulated with no-chloride mineral wool and outside cladding with stainless- ora aluminium plates.

Tanks made in carbon steel undergo the carefully performed surface treatment comprising the appropriate sand-blasting and application of a durable and well-composed paint.
SINKOS performs its works as complex services. The tanks are being equipped in technological fitting e.g. mixer agitators, batchmeters, heating-coils, valves and nozzles for pipings, gauge-meters, manholes, platforms, stair etc.

We offer also transport services, on wheels or water and the final assembly. Additionaly, when agreed, the civil enginnering works as excavationa, concrete foundation, insulations or special ecological safety structures.

The technological equipment we deliver together with the documentation service manual, technical inspections certificates and – if applicable – CE sign.

The manufactured by SINKOS vessels, tanks and containers are used mainly e.g. in modern anaerobic tretment plants, fuel storage plants and chemical-, food-processing-, energetically industries. To our customers belong the Polish and European, as well as Japanese clients.

For smaller diameter tanks we apply the ribbon method to construct the tanks in shorter time and ensures the highest possible quality of work.